Many suffer in these cold winter months with dull and lifeless hair. And although at times it may seem like an impossible struggle, after trying various products, your new lifesaver is introduced here.


The latest shot from the trunk is this mousse from PARK STYLING, which has been developed in close collaboration with professional hairdressers. What makes it so special and exclusive is its very high fiber content. The fibers have some unique properties that make this product a must - regardless of whether you have curls or not. They bind along the length of your hair strands and shape your hair in the most natural way. With this Fiber Mousse you will never experience stiffness and oily hair, because the mousse spreads so easily that you will not be able to feel that you have it in at all. In addition, the mousse has an antistatic effect and counteracts electric hair, which means your hair will also appear very more glossy. The mousse can even be activated the day after styling, by simply squeezing a little water up into the hair, so that you experience the same effect as when styling with Fiber Mousse.

Styling curly hair
Fiber mousse is suitable for all hair types, but binds especially well to naturally curly hair. Natural curls are one of the biggest fashion trends in the hair world today, and by using Fiber Mousse for your curls, you will find that these fibers bind to the curl itself, after which there is a bounce effect and a super delicious curl throughout the hair. .
Application guide for curly hair:

  • Shake the bottle and press a larger portion of Fiber Mousse into the palm of your hand.
  • Spread the mousse between your hands and warm it gently.
  • Hug the mousse up in towel-dried hair.
  • Repeat 2-3 times.
  • Let the hair dry in the preferred way - naturally or using a blow dryer.

Styling of smooth hair
If, on the other hand, you have smooth, fine hair, Fiber Mousse will help you create structure and a prominent volume that keeps its shape throughout the day.
Application guide for straight hair:

  • Shake the bottle and squeeze a small portion of Fiber Mousse into the palm of your hand, the size of a walnut.
  • Massage between the hands until the mousse looks like a clear cream.
  • Spread the mousse from the scalp and towards the tips of towel-dried hair so that you straighten the hair.
  • The fibers will settle along the hair, forming volume by blow-drying.

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